Lease to Own

OK Structures partners with OKS Rentals and S&L Investments to offer Lease to Own service for our portable buildings. 

To pay a bill online, please go to OKS Rentals or S&L Investments.

You can fill out our Lease to Own Application here.

What is Lease to Own?

Lease-to-Own was designed for an absolutely "no credit required" alternative to the common rental storage units.

The typical storage unit Advantages

  • The typical storage unit Advantages Great for leasers that only need storage for 1 month or less.


  • You will never own it. Lease it for a lifetime and still never own it.
  • You can only lease what's available. No personalized, customized units.
  • You have to drive an indefinite distance to just find your stored keepsakes.

Lease-to-Own portable storage buildings from OK Structures Advantages

  • No Credit Required.
    With an upfront payment of one months Lease and a $200 deposit for 8'-10' wide buildings, and a $350 deposit for 12'-16' wide buildings, you can have your building delivered to your back yard. This will be applied to the first months Lease and as the payoff if your contract is successfully completed. In case of default, it will be applied as a pickup charge.
    Conveniently placed in your backyard instead of uptown (where you cannot keep an eye on who may be loitering around yourstorage unit)
  • Can very conveniently be added to your home owners insurance, etc.
    It's yours in only 3 years the equal of 36 months. Lease it for only 3 years and own it for a lifetime.
    Delivered to your backyard. (No more of that "where is my garden-hose stuff').
  • Have your own personalized, custom ordered storage building. Your pick of size, where the doors are located, if you want windows, etc.

There is no credit required!

  • 60% of each month's Lease paid is automatically applied to the cash price, whereas in a typical storage unit 0% of your monthly rent applies to the cash price, (which means you will never own it.)
  • You can pay it off early with no early payoff penalties. If you pay it off early you get a 40% discount off of the current contract balance (total contract amount equals the monthly payment x 36 months less payments received)
  • If you have a financial crisis and cannot make the monthly payments, all you need to do is pay the Lease through the day that the building is picked up by us, and your initial payment covers the pickup.
  • As long as there are no delinquent payments this would not garnish your credit since it is the great Lease-to-Own program.
  • The payments are due on the first of every month as follows. If the building is delivered before the 15th of the current month, the next due date is the following month. If the building is delivered after the 15th of the current month then the next due date is not the following month but the next.


Delivered January 14 or before, the next due date is February 1.
Delivered January 15 or after, the next due date is March 1.

You can fill out our Lease To Own Application here.


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