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10x16 Cottage Barn

10x16 Painted Wood Cottage

New, discounted. 10x16 Cottage with 2 windows. Painted wood siding: Cottonwood Gray with Rancho red Trim, Weathered Wood shingles. 

Discounted Price: $2,370

12x16 cottage barn 1962

Metal Storage Shed

Discounted Price: $2,687

10x24 Horsebarn/w tackroom 1088

Horse shelter

Discounted Price: $3,273

10x20 Horsebarn/6' tack,enclosed front,Double Doors 2017

horse shelter/w tackRoom

Discounted Price: $3,454

10x16 utility barn 121

10x16 utility barn 121

Discounted Price: $2,395

10x16 loft barn 12006

Smart panel lifetime painted siding

 4 foot Loft on each side

Discounted Price: $2,650

10x20 Loft barn LB SE 120091

discounted barn 3395

New, Discounted Painted Loft barn, Side Entrance , 25 Yr  Heritage  Shinges

Discounted Price: $3,395

IB06100128 Utility shed

Oklahoma wood portable building

New Discounted Painted 10x16 Side Entrance Utility Building 2 2x3 windows

Discounted Price: $2,495

12 X 28 LoftBarn cabin

12x28 Painted Cabin

 LC 120131  12x 28 Painted Loftbarn Cabin, 4' loft over porch 10' Loft at back end, 2x6 floor Joists, Advanteck 40 yr. floor,4- 3x4 insulated windows, 9 lite Door 

Discounted Price: $7,300

16 X32 Dining Building

12x28 Metal Bldg

OK1212SH2010 16 x 32 cottage  2x6 Floor joists , OSB Decking 2-3x4 Double Pain windows 2- 3'0' 9 Lite Doors, Interior finished with batting Insulation, sheet Rock and Galvinize metal, Partial Electrical package 2 ceiling fans ,2 lights, 4 outlets

Discounted Price: $12,000